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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dr. Frankenstein's Table

This weekend I am having family over to celebrate my 49th birthday which is next Tuesday. I plan on doing a scary tablescape. I don't usually do a scary Halloween because of my 11 year old. He is still a little frightened of certain things and I don't want to give him nightmares! So I thought just for this one night I would do up the table in a Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory themed way. I started out by placing a white tablecloth on the table first overlay-ed with a spiderweb style cloth over it.

Then I placed a piece of torn cloth just loosely in the center. This mesh is found in many stores during Halloween season, I think they call it creepy cloth?

I placed some books that are very old and torn looking. I purchased one at Michael's and the other I made myself. I Googled the word; "SPELLBOOK" and looked till I found the picture I liked best. I printed it out and covered a regular book I had. I think it looks great.

Next I scattered some skeleton heads and 2 battery operated candlesticks. This stuff I have had for years. Each year I place them in different places around the house and use them in different ways.

The medicine bottles are plain bottles I purchased and covered myself. Again I Googled various images on the internet and found the ones I liked best. I printed them out, cut them and glued them on. It's much cheaper and honestly I like them better then some I've seen in stores. The bone powder by the way is table sugar!

The lantern in the center is my latest creation. I love the look of the old medical text book pages. I printed out these internet images onto vellum paper. Cut them to size and placed them against the inner glass. They stay in place by the metal clips that hold in the glass panels so no glue or anything special required. It has a battery operated candle inside so it's safe to use the paper. The glow of the light through the vellum paper is amazing because it resembles opaque glass. I perched a crow on top with a spiderweb ribbon tied on. Whats great about this is that I can change out the designs to suit whatever holiday I want. I can't wait to do Christmas. I have a great idea for that lantern!

I finished off this look with spider webbing all around,spanish moss, an old haunted photo which, I hate to sound like a broken record I printed out from internet images.I purchased a dollar store frame and it was that simple. Lots of tea-lights of course and there you have it. My version of what Dr. Frankenstein's dinner table might have looked like.

I hope my family enjoys it. I haven't seen them in awhile and I am really looking forward to it. I am not doing scary food. I thought about it, but I decided to keep it elegant. I'm doing mini Beef Wellingtons and lots of great fall side dishes including cranberry rice pilaf, butternut squash and an autumn salad with pears, candied walnuts, gorgonzola cheese with a maple vinaigrette.I will be sure to photograph it all don't worry. Hope you all enjoy your weekend. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Love Patty




  1. Cool table! Love the green eyes and Happy B-Day:@)

  2. You are so creative with your scary ideas!!! Your family will truly love the atmosphere you've created and the delicious menu you have planned. Happy B Day!

  3. I love love your Halloween table and that tablecloth is great. Oh and the spell book was a great idea.

  4. cute, cute and verrrrrrrrrrrry creative. Thanks so much for sharing. -Brenda-

    P.S: Re the large skeleton head, just gave a smililar one to my 6 year old Grandson in his Halloween goodie bag. He is at the age loves scary though on the whole is usually a sensitive little guy. It had red eyes that lit up and moved and he thought it was so cool.