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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fall Home Tour

Well Hello! I am back after a short break. Due to Hurricane Sandy we had no internet, phone or cable TV for over a week. We were very lucky and I am grateful that we are all safe. It could have been worse. I am in northeast New York and if no internet or TV was the worst of it, then we have a lot to be thankful for. So for my latest post I thought that before I take down all the Fall decor in my home I would give all of you a little peak inside my house to show you some of what I did. I kept it pretty simple this year. To be honest I was going through some personal issues early in September and I just wasn't into it as much as I normally am. Money is a little tight and buying any new pieces this year is out of the question. I made use of what I had and also created some new floral pieces and I was very pleased with the outcome. Hopefully for Christmas I will be back to my old self again.

This table is in my entry as soon as you come in. We have a raised ranch. Modest in size and the entry is tiny. For as much as I love our home, I hate the entry. The shelf at the bottom of this table is used for shoes. (I left that hot mess out the photo). There are shoes everywhere. It's a nightmare. At least this way they get off the stairs and I no longer have to look at the "shoe parade".

This is the Living Room. I photographed it from each end.

These 2 cutie pies I bought one year on clearence at Kmart. Would you believe me if I told you they were $5 each? Well they were. Why I didn't buy more than 2 I will never understand. They stand 3 feet tall.

Close up of my sofa table. I made the arrangement in the center using my favorite pumpkin pitcher. The 2 beautiful girls in the photographs are my nieces/god-daughters.

My kitchen. I posted a few pictures of it in a previous post. Here are some more.

This is the dining room table centerpiece.

And there you have it. Nothing special or huge just my humble abode that I love so much. Thanks so much for stopping by. In a few days I will be posting a new Christmas craft project that I have been working on. Be sure to stop in and check it out. Have a great week. We have a Nor'easter on it's way. Gotta get the shovels ready!

Love Patty



  1. looks lovely...I too have a raised ranch and find the shoes hard to corral in the entry...

  2. Your home is just beautiful, thank you for showing us how you decorated for fall! Hugs, Penny

  3. Your home is lovely and I love all of your pretty decor. Great rooster vignette. Hugs, Marty