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Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Has Arrived

The day after Thanksgiving, known to all as Black Friday, is not a day for me to shop till I drop but rather a day for me to take it all down. The fall decor I mean, all down. It's not pretty. The house looks so empty and bland, void of all that gorgeous fall color. I go through each area till it all looks something like this;

Everything ends up on the dining room table so I can sort it all and pack as I like. That hot mess looks like this:

As sad as it is, I am not too heartbroken to see it put away because..... we know what that means..... Christmas bins are on their way out of the closet!

And so the fun began for me late Saturday afternoon when the last fall bin was safely tucked away till next September. My husband and I carried all the Christmas bins upstairs one by one and there I sat in the living room staring into space with that glazed over look in my eyes not knowing where to turn first. It happens every year. I get overwhelmed. So I took it one bin at a time. Exhausted, in pain with my neck (which I suffer badly from arthritis with), I mean the pain was so bad it was as though someone was holding a blow torch on it, but it didn't stop me, oh no, I started unpacking. I managed to finish the living room that night. Shocker, don't ask me how. Then I got that burst of energy and I couldn't stop. All I could hear in the distance was my husband yelling, "Can you please wait till tomorrow, why must you do it all now?" But I couldn't stop. Every bin I unraveled revealed some cute little friend I was so happy to see again. Next thing I knew I was in the kitchen. AAAHHH the best spot in the whole house. Before I knew it, Gingerbread Candyland had come alive once again in there. Here is a sneak peak....

Stop back in soon to see the whole reveal. I kinda went nuts again this year. What else is new? I live for Chritsmas time! See you soon, Love, Patty